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Leadership Development

Dr. Hulbert is connected with The John Maxwell Team. "Everything rises and falls on leadership," John says. I agree. 

Leadership development will make you a builder of better teams. Consider joining  a Mastermind Group. Click to discover more now.

The first 30 approved members  receive special bonuses.

Financial Services

The Lotter Group - We guide toward building better financial vehicles. We work with individuals, couples, families, and entire organizations in educating about retirement/investment vehicles. There is no "BEST" product - it's all about what suits you best. Contact us for a Free Consultation.

Financial Education Services - Take a look to find whatever Financial information you may need. Do you have a Living Trust, Lifelock, and a suite of services you need in coming days.


Start Ups

Cili By Design - A superfood has been released on the market a few years back. It's the non-"high" oil, CBD, from the historically used hemp plant. With the opening of the cannaboid market, this company is set to positively impact people's ability to absorb nurtrients for a healthier life. Click the link above for details.

Valentus is revolutionary! Obesity is a personal challenge for me - this product helps. Cheers to those who have risen and taken action for change. You motivate me!

Real Estate

The best real estate minds in this sector of business have vehicles for leadership development. 

Ron LeGrand's System - click link for details and special offers. When you want a safe alternative to the stock market, click here.

My great friend, Lou Brown, empowered me to be a builder of technical skills on trusts and other financial vehicles. I highly recommend his advising. Certified Affordable Housing

Drop me a note on Contact Form if you have particular real estate questions.


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